About My Work/ Artist's Statement 

Do you remember feeling that magical, mystical wonder you had as a child?

Perhaps it was the first time you saw snow, went to your favorite theme park, or laughed with your friends as you ran through the sprinklers in summer. Maybe you remember holding yourself still and breathless when a butterfly landed on your fingertips, not wanting to break the spell. Remember those tingling, bright, lyrical, blissful sensations that filled you up and put a sparkle in your soul?

THAT feeling is what I strive to infuse into my creations. It's what I want to give you when you experience my work. It is the feeling I look for in your face when you notice that little detail or whimsical aspect of a piece and I see your eyes light up and a smile cross your face.

THAT feeling, the delight and excitement, is what I want you to experience when I teach you a craft or artistic technique and we watch together as your own creation emerges into the world!

My Passion is to create works of art that bring Joy. That's it. I'm usually not out to give you a deep message or meaning with my art. Though I may create a few "deep" pieces here and there when I feel the need to share more of my thoughts and soul, most of the time I just want to help you take that leap into joy and happiness for a bit. Go ahead - run through the sprinklers! I hope the sense of fun, play, and love for creation that I experienced when making the work comes through and touches that enchanted youthful spirit in you.

My goals are to inspire; to help others remember their dreams and reach for them, to teach in creative ways that build confidence and knowledge rather than just "a project".  I value honesty, kindness, continuous self improvement, and respect.  I also believe in doing my best to be a good steward of our beautiful planet, and try to incorporate the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products I can find for use in my creations and the methods of their production.  My own inspiration comes from nature and fantasy, fairytales and dreams.  I express these inspirations through colored pencils, watercolor, clay, wood, pen and ink drawings, and whatever other media I think best suits the project I'm working on.

My mission is to change lives through encouragement, support and education - of particular concern to me is helping women and girls see themselves as valuable and important members of society, and changing the way they are currently treated.

If you'd like to read the personal bio from my blog, and more about my artistic journeys, please click the blog link here "A (not so brief) Bit of a Biography".

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